Coronation Street spoilers: Oliver death tragedy and a shocking return

It may be the hardest week ever for Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) in a heart-wrenching Coronation Street episode as she realises that Oliver has a mitochondrial illness and is untreatable.

As she struggled with her actions, Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) is absolutely devastated. Toyah (Georgia Taylor) is doing her best to support her – and she’s ready to give up her own dream of encouraging her sister to be there.

But how is Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) going to take this? The doctor advised Steve and Leanne that Oliver had an incurable mitochondrial disorder.

The shocked Leanne decides to get a second opinion. The family is shattered as the news spreads.

Social workers inform Toyah and Imran that they are likely to be approved as foster parents, but after Oliver’s news, Toyah informs Imran that they will have to keep on to their hopes.

Emma finally decides to free her hand from the vase with the help of Alina.

Alina comforts Emma over Oliver and then phones her to cancel Seb and asks him not to ask her to leave again. Fiz is nagging Tyrone, and he knows that they’re becoming Jack and Vera.

Tyrone is suggesting a romantic dinner. Simon overhears Leanne’s telling Steve that she won’t have anything when Oliver dies. Upset by her words, Simon is going to take his exam and he’s going to make a decision.

Jenny comes home without Johnny and is surprised to figure out what’s going on with Oliver. Chesney tells Fiz that Gemma complains that they’re not talking anymore.

Fiz indicates that they’ve a romantic date. Chesney tries to persuade Paul to take care of the quads so that he can get Gemma out of there.

Imran encourages Toyah to test the water with Leanne, but when she sees her so distracted, she knows she can’t raise the topic with her.

Evelyn and Arthur are meeting up in the cafe, but Roy and Arthur are bonding over steam trains, and they’re playing to meet in the Rovers to discuss more, Evelyn is disappointed.

Alina confides in Michael that she has ended her relationship with Seb.

Simon reveals to Peter what he has heard. Leanna apologises, but Simon is going to stay with Peter. Nick becomes furious and accused Peter of taking Simon away from him.

In the meantime, Leanne decides to let Oliver stay with Steve. When the family struggles, Nick apologises to Peter, who is comforting him.

Jenny’s upset to recognise her own son, Tom. Emma admits to her fears, and Jenny tells her. Scott is not happy that Johnny is going to live in France.

Gemma is shocked that Chesney is taking her out, but they’re turning up at Fiz’s because Chesney has misunderstood.

Fiz and Tyrone take mercy on them and invited them to stay for a steak. Toyah reveals to Imran that Leanne is in pieces, so that’s the wrong moment.

They told to the social worker that they need to put their support plans on hold. Arthur goes home to Evelyn and apologises for being carried away with Roy.


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