Penny McNamee has come to the defence of her Home and Away co-star Sam Frost.

Home and Away’s Penny McNamee defends ‘beautiful’ co-star Sam Frost after the latest ‘baby stealing’ storyline has received online hate.

The 37-year-old posted a photo with 31-year-old Sam on Friday’s Channel Seven set for Instagram telling fans she’s a ‘great artist’ and a ‘beautiful girl.’

Sam got backlash online for her new plot, which has her daughter Jasmine Delaney attempting to take a baby away from her adoptive mother Tori Morgan, played by Penny.

“It’s Sam. Sam doesn’t want to steal my son. Sam is a great director. And a very handsome person. Be like Sam,’ the pair on stage photo was captioned by Penny.
‘P.S Some negative words that are directed at Sam, then you will have to deal with ME! ‘Playfully she proceeded with an emoji fingered paw. It comes a day after Sam was forced to remind fans that she was nothing like her Jasmine character.

‘Actually, people are really upset with me but I guess I just need to remind them that it’s a TV show,’ the former Bachelorette told her Instagram followers on Thursday in a series of videos that have been removed since.

‘It’s not true, I don’t want to rob a baby personally.’

She added: ‘It’s just a TV show and I play such a happy character.’

On the series, Jasmine is attempting to gain custody of the baby of her deceased husband Robbo, who will take the baby away from the maternal mother Tori (played by Penny), who is a favorite fan character.

On May 25, Home and Away resumed shooting after being forced to tamp down concerns around coronavirus.

This now has rigorous steps in order to ensure that the cast and crew are secure.

That includes temperature controls, regular schedules for cleaning, and social distancing.

‘At the moment, people are very angry with me, but I think I just need to remind everyone that this is a TV show,’ the former Bachelorette told her followers of Instagram in a series of videos that have been deleted since.


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