Coronation Street newcomer Elaine Jones faces a big decision over Geoff Metcalfe

The mystery newcomer Elaine Jones of Coronation Street is left with a big decision next week to take on Geoff and Yasmeen Metcalfe.

Elaine has just made her debut on the ITV drama, visiting Yasmeen in jail and introducing herself as Geoff’s former partner.

Geoff was abusive towards Elaine when they were together, and she came to Weatherfield, hoping to help Yasmeen Fight for her attempted murder charges.

This week, Elaine lurks on the cobbles as she tries to gather as much information as she can about Geoff and what he’s up to now.

Elaine is shocked to hear that Yasmeen had suffered a heart attack. Jail, and still seems sad to learn that Geoff ‘s son Tim trusts his dad’s side of the story.

Initially deciding that she needs to get involved, Elaine calls on Yasmeen ‘s granddaughter, Alya Nazir.

Elaine confirms that she is prepared to give proof against Geoff when the trial comes around wants to do all she can to help Yasmeen.

Alya is thrilled and hugely grateful, eventually feeling more positive about Yasmeen ‘s opportunity in court. However and Alya soon has a fight on her hands when Elaine ‘s resolve begins to crumble.

This begins when Elaine makes herself known to Tim, and Geoff insists that everything she says is a lie.Tim decides to trust Geoff’s side of the story and promises to report Elaine to the police if he sees her again. Geoff is relieved that Tim still swallows his lies.

Later, Elaine meets Alya at Speed Daal, feeling upset over this first setback.

Alya urges Elaine not to go, pointing out that she’s the only hope of getting Yasmeen home again.

Elaine is torn about what she wants to do – is she still prepared to help Yasmeen?

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