Coronation Street reveals Yasmeen Nazir’s fate after heart attack

Corrie spoilers revealed what will happen next after the collapse of Yasmeen Nazir on the day of her trial.

Coronation Street spoilers have revealed the consequences to Yasmeen Nazir ‘s shock collapse, which will air this week.

In upcoming scenes, the character is taken to hospital where it is confirmed that she has suffered a heart assault.

Her loved ones, including her granddaughter Alya Nazir, fear the worst after months of tumult with her character.
Now, the new spoilers for the ITV soap have revealed their fate.

Teasing the fallout of the collapse, Yasmeen is confirmed to survive as she wakes up in the hospital and learns what has happened.

But there’s a sad discovery that follows, which could threaten to push Yasmeen to the point of breaking.
This week Yasmeen comes round with Alya with her at the hospital in the immediate fallout.

Alya tells her that she had a heart attack, but assures her that she’s going to be fine and he’s going to recover.

But Yasmeen quickly finds out her trial has been delayed, while it’s not been confirmed when it will be.

Yasmeen hoped to end to her turmoil as she remained in jail charged with an attempt to kill Geoff Metcalfe, her husband.

She had been arrested earlier this year after a brutal assault saw her stab with a broken glass bottle in Geoff ‘s neck, while in self-defense.

He was coercively controlling her, manipulating her, and isolating her from her loved ones.

His horrible abuses led to the deadly attack, and Yasmeen has been in jail ever since-while at a recent court hearing, she pled not guilty to attempted murder.

Yasmeen was meant to face Geoff in court and find out her fate, only for her to collapse.
Prior to this, Yasmeen meets a secret victim of Geoff’s-his ex Elaine in scenes aired this week.

Elaine arrives to support Yasmeen, but she quickly finds herself threatened by the character.

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