Emmerdale’s Charity makes discovery about Kirin

Emmerdale’s spoilers reveal Charity Dingle ‘s determination to track down Kirin Kotecha could lead to some news next week Emmerdale’s airing a potential bombshell next week, as Charity Dingle could eventually learn the truth about the whereabouts of Kirin Kotecha A new lead gives hope to her as someone close to the criminal who’s on the run could spill the beans.

The charity hopes to sort out her adoption plans with partner Vanessa Woodfield, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer earlier this year.

Vanessa fears that she will not survive her illness in her care and is trying to set things in place in case the worst happens.

She and Charity agreed to adopt her son, Johnny, in the case that she lost her battle.

But, without the permission of his biological father, Kirin, Charity can not adopt Johnny.

In 2016, Kirin fled the village after he caused Tess Harris’ death in a hit-and-run, and a couple of mentions have not been heard since.

Just last week, despite her initial claims that she had no information, Charity tried to get Priya Sharma to help out.
Priya was with Kirin ‘s father Rakesh Kotecha until his own village escape in 2017-and Charity wants her to make contact with Kirin ‘s sister in coming scenes.

Next week, spoilers have revealed that she is doing just that-except that it appears she is hiding.

After seeming to be facing a dead end with her search, Nicola King is sure that Priya knows more than she is letting on-leading to Charity’s granddaughter Sarah Sugden some snooping.

As she sneaks into the house of the Sharmas, Charity catches her, but when they hear Priya return, they are forced to hide.

Prior to this, Priya confesses that Kirin ‘s sister has made contact with stepmother Manpreet.

She decides to call her and see what she has to say, and unaware that Sarah and Charity are listening to the conversation.

They listen closely, since the character has an intriguing conversation with the sibling of Kirin.

But what is she goi0ng to reveal about Kirin’s whereabouts and Priya will spill the beans?

The phone call is bounded to lead to a kind of discovery, but fans will just have to wait and see what that is.

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