Kian Madani flees again after Jac reveals his heart-rending secret

HOLBY CITY ‘S Kian Madani made a surprising return to his lover Jac Naylor’s rage last night after he was a no-show on their official first date. With the pair promising to reconcile, is Kian going to make a big mistake and risk their relationship for good?

Last month, the BBC audience saw Kian Madani (played by Ramin Karimloo), leaving Holby just as his romance with fiery Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) looked to advance to the next level. Jac was angry when he stood up on her first day and last night when he was back in the hospital, and a new surprise was in store.
Despite her initial dislike, when Kian was brutally assaulted, Jac sprung into action-but will the latter undermine their relationship once again?

The fan-favorite doctors first saw sparks flying late last year after they both ended up helping each other in their lives in tough times. Although Jac saw her mental health deteriorating quickly, Kian was left devastated by the abrupt death of his girlfriend Bea (Rosalind Halstead), after he performed ruined heart surgery.
Kian was considering taking his own life after being told, Jac went to save the day and help her friend get things back on track as he tried to cope with his grief.

Throughout the months that follow, the couple has grown closer, beginning a romantic affair throughout secret, covering up the news from their colleagues. However, just as things looked to move to the next stage, Kian saw himself fazed by an unexpected arrival on Darwin in the form of Bea ‘s son, Phoenix (Joshua Glenister).
Despite the visitors coming in the middle of Kian ‘s mysterious pill-popping problem, it all appeared too much for him to deal despite, and after being forced to admit the truth about Bea ‘s death, the smooth-talking doctor fled.
Kian reportedly returned to his home in Canada without telling Jac, and she was left heartbroken after not notifying her of his absence.

Yet Kian was back to face the music last night’s installment, with his colleagues thinking he ‘d visited his sick mother in his home country. Nonetheless, Kian appeared shocked by their questions, hinting that in the coming weeks, there could be more mysteries in store for Jac to get to the bottom. It’s not the only thing Kian has been dealing with because viewers know that when visiting a woman named Sarah-Jane for drugs, he was hiding something big from his new lover about his sketchy past.

With it not yet clear why the doctor is taking the drugs, fans hoped the news would be revealed last night upon Kian ‘s return to Darwin, where he was again seen self-medicating. Allegedly getting a heart change, Kian threw away the pills, but it wasn’t long before he landed in further risk.

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