Spoilers Coronation Street: Gemma Winter to lose control after getting a disturbing post

CORONATION STREET’s Gemma Winter could endure another loss in trust because she was approached by Vanessa, one of the women in the baby community who bullied her. Would she be able to remain powerful with unknown reasons when this blow from the recent past reaches out?

Coronation Street fans sat and watched the emotional scenes surrounding the new mother, Gemma Winter (played by Dolly-Rose Campbell), and her mental health as she struggled to deal with her quads after conception. After four new babies have entered her country,

Gemma ‘s trust plummeted, and her mental health took a real pounding as ITV discussed the authentic postnatal depression aspects. Although she’s found a performance to cope with the crushing feelings of becoming an incompetent mother, a familiar face might be about to take her back to the rock bottom.

Realizing that she needed help, Gemma joined support groups and shared her feelings in a blog where she described her daily challenges with four young tots in detail. And to her surprise, she encouraged other women to contact each other and chat about their problems. Yet in the scenes ahead, she gets a call from someone she thought would never hear from again. Fans must note that, after attending a baby community class, Gemma’s insecurities intensified. While there, class leader Vanessa and her friend Imogen attempted to make friends with Gemma but had no reason.

Turning means, they mocked her openly about her parenting skills and left her feeling like a bad mum.
Their teasing made her put her quads in danger, and a terrified Gemma began spiraling out of control.
The once vibrant and bubbly loud mouth was reduced to a shell of her former self, and fans found watching heartbreaking. But after having managed to get back on track and feel optimistic about her future as a mother, could things go downhill again for Gemma? Her family is worried that her renewed confidence will crumble and that everything she’s been working for will crash now that Vanessa has reached out. But she might want what?

Is she apologizing for her actions after reading the raw emotion of Gemma laid bare for the world to see?
Or is she going to use this as yet another opportunity to push her down?
Previously, actress Dolly-Rose Campbell talked about her character’s hardships to be a new mum and how she wanted to support a baby party.

She said: “Gemma finds it very encouraging to meet other mummies who seem to help her and meet other mummies going through similar struggles with her – and that’s with only one boy. “She feels very lonely because she doesn’t have baby mates. She continued from her meetings with Vanessa and Imogen: “To meet these women while enjoying spending time with them does not improve Gemma’s feelings of inadequacy.”

How is Gemma going to cope when she sees what the bully has to say?

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